Radenska about our innovative solutions

In A bit of everything by Uroš Škaper

Advanced solutions are the future – and our customers agree…

Ms. Egle Wehle, The Head of Marketing at Radenska told this to InStore magazine about our work:

“We have to actively engage in cooperation with the retailer. The products need to be respected and made visible; with improving the visibility of displays for example. We also like the idea of advanced solutions, such as multimedia shelf branding with glowing color, water and bubbles that surely impress the customer.”

Source: http://www.instore.si/onlinemagazine/2016/45/

Unique shelf branding is becoming more important because it enables your products to stand out from saturation of classical forms of displays and POS stands. Additional visual and sound effects can create a special atmosphere that you wish to be associated with your products and engage all the senses. The advantage of these kind of displays is that they leave a mark and influence the sales results in a positive manner. We at comTEC offer a well-rounded service, from idea to planning, construction and final execution as well as support throughout the process.