(Maribor, 22 April 2013 – press release) A company from Maribor, comTEC d.o.o., which has been in business for 20 years, proves that sustainable business, automated technology, own development, innovative products and focus on foreign markets are those competitive advantages on which the corporate sector can build competitiveness in demanding and developed markets and create added value together with the recognizable brand.

The comTEC d.o.o. company is a private company that generated over 15 million € revenue in 20 years of operating. Their value has grown for about 13% each year. The structure of revenues has changed from the initial selling of services to increased revenue from the field of technologically demanding products. With the aim of developing, based of the concept of sustainability and minimum impact on environment, they provide their own energy source for their production. The company, with their roof solar power plant and gas cogeneration (combined heat and power, CHP), produces electric energy not only for their needs, but also gives the surplus to the network. They managed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere by 23 tons per year. They produce around 4 times more energy than the business actually needs. For the overall innovative energy solution, in 2011, they received the award for the most energy efficient company by the Ministry of the Economy, the Jožef Štefan Institute and the Academy Finance for an innovative approach and positioning of energy infrastructure.

20 let uspešnega poslovanja

To be successful in times of aggravated economic conditions, they attribute their success to quality services, modern and automated technological equipment, abundant expertise and consideration of the individual wishes of their clients. In their work, they constantly pay great attention to strengthening their relations with business partners and clients in identifying their wishes. Their services and products thus excited more than 3750 different clients coming from both Slovenia and neighbouring regional markets. As a small company, with few more than ten employees, they implement projects using state-of-the-art design technologies and 3D visualizations, digital large format printing and automated finishing. The materials they use are of EU origin and are properly certified and also made with green energy.

Sustainable business, innovative technology, own development and focus on foreign markets are a recipe for the competitiveness of the corporate sector and the brand.

»A number of products, which ensure the visibility of our clients in the wider regional area, are a sign of success and a recognizable comTEC® trademark. They are the result of a systematic work of the research group, which operates within the company.« explained Peter KAVČIČ, the founder and procurator of the company, Katja BREZOVNIK, the executive manager, added: »Despite good business performance in the past years we are aware that a number of challenges await us in the future. We believe that we are well prepared for them. Knowledge, experience, quality and innovativeness were the generator of effective propulsive ideas of our employees and we all believe that together we can go even further.«

In the group of leading providers in the field of large format digital printing they stand out with the production of complex individualized products, which include the integration of multimedia, lighting and other innovative solutions for the customer. The comTEC® trademark ensures a recognizable wide range of products, including multimedia POS stands, POS (point-of-sale) innovative sales stands, multimedia graphic remakes of sales points, which can also include computer virtual publications. The standard set of their offer includes also the quality implementation of all other products, such as photo enlargements, photo wallpapers, custom stickers, floor graphics, auto graphics, billboards and promotional signs, banners, flags, scenic backgrounds, mega format facade paintings, personalized and other printed materials of desktop publishing (leaflets, vouchers, business cards, catalogues, postcards …) including computer graphic design and 3D visualization.