A quarter of a century of tradition, of the inventive creation of added value, of hard reality and of digitalization. The only thing that has remained with comTEC in all these years was constant and dynamic change – both internal and external. Our challenge and response throughout all these years: to adapt, create added value, survive, remain true to our values and principles and stick to creation, rather than imitation. If agility, innovation and constant change were necessary to survive the initial cycles of company growth, the future will be all about stability.

We Are the Change

comTEC started as an idea of genuine entrepreneurship, business relations, development and services and products that generate added value through their effects, their quality and their aesthetics. In March 2018, 25 years after our humble first steps, starting from nothing, but brimming with the idealism of youthful visions and agility and being among the first in the world to use large-format digital printing, we can look back on our achievements with pride, as well as humility.

We can look at our many visually creative marketing products, large-format graphics and signs, as well as inventive visual solutions that have helped our clients distinguish themselves from their run-of-the-mill competition by being not only aesthetic, but also functional. We are proud that comTEC has always done business without taking shortcuts – the road has not been easy; one could almost liken it to the struggle described by samurai Musashi Miyamoto in his famous Book of Five Rings from 1643. We are grateful for all the new knowledge and experiences, both positive and negative – even for the mistakes that we have made and learned from through all these years, as they, together with our achievements, represent the challenges that await us on the path of the turbulent future.

comTEC d.o.o., Obrežna ulica 105, Maribor

comTEC has so far gained the trust of over 8,000 partners

THANK YOU to our loyal business partners, whom we strive, using a devoted and personal approach, to provide with a comprehensive user experience of being the best for our partners. We try to offer them effective and high-quality services and products with reasonable terms of delivery and appropriate prices. Together we have reached our silver anniversary in good condition and as an example of the culture of authentic entrepreneurship.

Corporate social responsibility

A spirit of business ethics, an understanding of the reality and of the responsibility to create something in order to be able to share it, and our humble attitude towards money have enriched us and allowed us to support charity, culture, art, sports and education. We are a proud sponsor of Rotary – The Leon Štukelj Foundation for Scholarships. In doing business, we show our care for the environment by using Greenguard eco-friendly colours. As an environmentally-conscious high-tech digital printing business we are unique and have unique internal synergy in the region, as we obtain green energy for our operation from our own power sources.

Thank you, employees

comTEC is not just a brand or a successful company, comTEC is a vision, a culture, a sense of aesthetics and attention to detail. comTEC has a unique heart, our employees, each one with their own character, their own desires and skills. We have realized our changes and achievements through hard work, through sacrifice and loyalty, and by putting in a great deal of effort in order to reach our goals. Together we have chosen the road less travelled, and we intend to always refrain from taking shortcuts in our operation and production of added value.

comTEC ekipa - 25 let

The future

Development, added value? Only the agile, the lean, the dynamic and the innovative will survive. Analytics and AI will increasingly affect development and direct the whirling winds in the sails of social and business development.

Take the opportunity

“The challenge of being an entrepreneur is like jumping off a cliff, coming up with a plan on how to create added value on the way down, surviving the fall and immediately going for the next jump.”

However, the challenge takes its own toll on added value.