Certificate of Golden credit rating AAA 2016

In Achievements by Uroš Škaper

After many years of receiving the highest credit rating AAA, comTEC® has received the renown European certificate of Golden AAA credit rating:

Credit rating agency Bisnode, the biggest partner of Dun & Bradstreet credit agency, conducted financial analysis of companies as part of an international project and has a long tradition in the credit granting certificates of excellence in 17 European countries, including Slovenia. Vizaulne komunikacije comTEC d.o.o. company is one of the top 4.2% of business entities in Slovenia according to analysis for the year 2016 and it is entitled to highest rating of AAA. In 2016 in Slovenia among 163,642 registered businesses, only 6,944 companies reached credit excellence.

Furthermore, this year Vizualne komunikacije comTEC d.o.o, is among all companies which meet the standards for excellent gold credit. The company this year falls between 0.7 % of business entities in Slovenia.

Plaketa zlate bonitetne odličnosti AAA

»Excellent SME Slovenia« Certificate of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia and Coface rating agency, as well as other certificates reinforce clear vision and goals of comTEC company that are the result of 25 years of hard and responsible work as a path of authentic entrepreneurship that never was and never will be easy. Therefore we proudly but humbly view our achievements, development, tradition, recognized brand and numerous innovative ideas that we have implemented in our surroundings to change them for the better.

Automated modern technology, high quality with integrated concept of environmental responsibility is the result needed for successful operation of entrepreneurial sector and creation of value added that is based on authentic entrepreneurship.

Despite the unfavorable economic conditions that are the result of mainly greed and irrational human decisions, we are conducting our business normally. This time and circumstances represent the driving force that makes us never stop in front of a hurdle and it makes us go on as a fighter for change and opportunity.