Gold rush at comTEC

In Achievements by Uroš Škaper

Today is a big day for comTEC® as we have received the golden AAA credit rating plaque, which means that we are one of the few Slovenian companies (0,7 % to be exact) that can be proud of their business practices and success in the last 3 years. Business philosophy of the company that was founded in 1993 and registered trademark comTEC® are a guarantee for quality, professionalism and development of new products.

Prejem zlate bonitete AAA 2016

We are expressing our care for the environment by using eco-friendly Greenguard certified colors, we represent the uniqueness and comprehensiveness of synergies as the first eco-friendly and high-tech digital printing company in broader region of Europe. We are generating green energy from our own renewable sources.

This philosophy enables connection and effects of many loyal satisfied clients, furthermore it has created an important position for the company in Slovenian market and in broader region, which is confirmed by The Golden AAA Rating.

Prejem zlate bonitete AAA 2016 - ekipa comTEC