After many years of receiving the highest credit rating AAA, comTEC® again received the renown European certificate of Golden AAA credit rating:

The golden AAA credit rating stands for an above average value for companies that show an outstanding performance for three consecutive years. The valuation is based on the annual financial statements and other indicators. According to the forecast, we are among the safest and most successful companies in the next twelve months.

The company Vizualne komunikacije comTEC d.o.o. is one of the top 1.6% business units in Slovenia according to the analysis for the year 2017 and thus has the highest AAA rating.

Plaketa zlate bonitetne odličnosti AAA

In addition to the “Excellent SME Slovenia” certificate from the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce in connection with Coface and other acknowledgments, we have received confirmation that our clear vision and goals made us for one of the most successful Slovenian companies, with a tradition for more than 25 years. The road to success is never easy. We are modest, but also proud of the years of our tradition and quality under the brand comTEC. During this time, we have created a number of innovative ideas to change our environment for the better.

Our excellence is a guarantee for our customers who know they are dealing with a stable company that strives for top performance. This is also reflected in our products because in our work, we only use certified materials from well known European manufacturers and inks without harmful solvents.