Robert Kereži and comTEC at Marathon Des Sables Peru 2017

In Corporate social responsibility by Uroš Škaper

In Robert’s venture we saw an interesting story that reminded us of ourselves. Despite many questions, he has no fear of the challenge, with only clear goals and perseverance in mind.

Robert Kereži is husband, father, storyteller, cyclist and an ultramarathoner. The latter passion, combined with the opportunity that has surged, will lead to an incredible challenge and extreme performance test in the coming days. Marathon Des Sables is one of the toughest races in the world.

Robert Kereži

Marathon Des Sables, the multiday stage adventure takes place in one of the most unfavorable human environments – in the desert. Runners must carry all food and equipment in their backpack for almost a week, and the amount of water provided by the organizer is limited. And if the participant passes that limit, he gets a penalty.

Since his determination impressed us so much, his undertaking was also supported by comTEC in the form of financial support. Robert, we believe in your success!