Graphic design is the art of copying ideas and experiences by using visual and text content. It is a way of visual communication. The way of communication can be either physical or virtual and may contain images, words or graphic elements of your choice. Such communication experience can be momentary or can last over a longer period of time.

We often buy “with our eyes” and what is pleasant to the eyes cause our subconsciousness to arouse the feeling of pleasure, perfection and attraction. This is one of the reasons why products in attractive design sell better.

Kreativno grafično oblikovanje

Similar concept can be copied to numerous situations and products:

  • An interesting and attractive logo (trademark) of company can gain trust of potential client, as the company appears outwardly a serious and trusted partner.
  • A book or a magazine with attractive cover has a higher sales potential.
  • A poster with the right amount of content (information) and a clear message will generate more interest.
  • A restaurant menu, that is colour-themed, clear and with attractive images, generates more interest and appetite and consequently more orders.

The comTEC team is aware of the importance of aesthetic and attractive visual image, therefore in complete graphic design we offer also creative graphic design.

Our designers have years of experience and are daily in touch with the practical use of visual images. The correct approach to designing of graphic elements is familiar to us – we make design and preparation of elements in a way that allows later usage in any type of visual communication.

Kreativno grafično oblikovanje

Premium services of creative graphic design at comTEC:

  • conceptual design and production of corporate design
  • creative design of products for sales promotion
  • conceptual and creative “in-store” promotional solutions
  • 3D visualization
  • the design of various publications (magazines, brochures, catalogues)
  • the design of advertising posters, fliers

We can certainly help you with the recognizable graphic image too.