Graphic Design

Graphic design is the art of imaging ideas and experiences with the help of visual and text content.

Logotype, typography, colours,…

All of these are important components of the corporate identity. People often buy “with eyes” and what is pleasant to the eyes cause our subconsciousness to arouse the feeling of pleasure, perfection and attraction.


Show yourself through the right colours

Do you have a product or products that you would like to present to the market?

For an excellent presentation you need quality image materials – photos of the product. At comTEC we perform professional studio photography, retouching and the preparation of photos.


Yoghurt with fruit or fried egg?

Your message must be clear!

Image and graphic material should be put together into a meaningful whole with the additional secret ingredients, which our graphic designers are very familiar with.


With analogue brains in the digital era

Every idea first occurs on paper.

Designers at comTEC have years of experience and are daily in touch with the practical use of visual images. We are completely familiar with the correct approach to the design of graphic elements.

Graphic design is only one click away…

A bad design is like a bad joke. However, it’s not good.

One click

Processing and retouching

We wash and polish your car to the highest gloss. All the parts, that are difficult to access, we carefully clean with surgical precision and special tools … emmmmm, no, actually we do something similar with the photos. After that the photos are aesthetic and suitable for promotional and advertising activities.


3D visualizations and design

An image tells more than thousand words.

For more complex, custom-made products, we prepare 3D-visualization and presentation.

Design for printing

Our offer of graphic and design services is wrapped up by design and prepress. From one-sided to many-sided publications, graphics for vehicles, graphics for advertising stands, etc.

Successfully completed projects

  • Graphic design of the truck tarpaulin - Radinski
  • Graphics for trucks - Goodyear
  • Silhouettes Stand - Revoz
    Silhouettes Stand - Revoz

More projects

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