Graphics for vehicles

With creative approach to effective advertising on the road.

Premium quality

Our graphics remain vivid and colourful for many years as we use original materials, UV resistant inks and additional mechanical and UV protection.

Certified materials

UV resistance


Printing in photo quality

Car wrapping certificate

From idea to performance

We offer you a complete solution:
1. Conceptual design
2. Graphic design
3. Preparation for printing
4. Printing in photo quality
5. Professional application of graphics on vehicles

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Car wrapping certificate

Our team is qualified for application of self-adhesive foils on vehicles – the Car wrapping academy certificate.

The process of application is carried out in clean and air-conditioned places at optimal temperature. This ensures the optimum adhesion of the foil onto the base and also extreme durability.

Successfully completed projects

  • A unique purple truck
  • Graphics for vehicles or advertising on the go
  • Advertising labels for vehicles – Newspaper Finance

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