Interior graphics

Visual and graphic equipment of interiors – a colourful atmosphere in every room.

Self-adhesive photo wallpapers

The photo wallpaper, which was once considered the top trend in the interior equipment, eventually disappeared. People got tired of the same motifs that we used to meet practically everywhere. But photo wallpapers are becoming one of the most popular decorative elements of interior design again. Digital printing in photo quality enables the adjustment of patterns, colours and motifs.


Wall stickers

A decorative wall sticker is a great way to spice up your rooms. Coloured walls can sometimes be boring and with wall stickers they become more attractive.

We can create a wonderful effect in different rooms with various decorative stickers.

Photo enlargement

Photo enlargement can be done with any picture, photo, drawing or graphics, printed in photo quality. They usually appear in the form of canvas paintings, but we offer also numerous other versions, from poster to the artistic image:

  • on acrylic glass
  • self-adhesive
  • textile
  • on canvas
  • on paper

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Graphics for kitchen glass

The tiles that we know are the matter of the past, replace them with the cover in photo quality with any motif you want.

The most common are glass covers between kitchen units which replace ceramic. Applications on all other glass surfaces are also possible.

Scenic backgrounds

We print graphics for scenic backgrounds for performances, congresses, ceremonies or for interior decoration.

We prepare your graphics/motifs at wanted size and print them on textiles, plates or self-adhesive foil, according to your needs and requirements.


Floor stickers

You can bring added value and a message to the customer to any place by choosing an ingenious floor sticker. We use high-quality materials which are extremely resistant to mechanical influences after we add additional anti-slip lamination (certified anti-slip protection).

Our floor stickers are completely safe and can be used in all public areas.

Successfully completed projects

  • Silhouettes Stand
  • Stickers for glass surfaces in business premises
  • Garden decor panels - Hotel Tabor

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