How does it work?

We are pleased to present our new industrial (hybrid) UV LED printer DURST. It allows you to print any graphics in persistent photo quality and certified Eco Greenguard inks (Eco, Children’s, Schools and Food friendly) on a roll up to 1,6 m wide (length unlimited) or directly on plate materials of dimensions (3 × 1,5 m) with the latest UV LED-technology!

Printed graphics are extremely vibrant and with the greatest possible colour spectrum so far in the class of UV industrial printers. In addition, we can also print with two white colours (for example, on non-white surfaces, glass, for backlit applications, mirrored self-adhesive graphics), i.e. underprint or overprint of white color.

The printer is a top product of DURST Lienz, Austria, which is the leading company for the production of industrial printers that print directly on plate materials and materials in a roll. When printing, UV ECO inks are used, which the printer literally burns on the printed surface with the help of strong LED UV drying lights. Therefore, the print is immediately dry.

A plate or material in a roll moves on the vacuum conveyor belt through the printer, while specially designed print heads print graphics and immediately dry them up with UV LED bulbs to a printed medium. This ensures long graphics lifetime alongside exceptional photo quality prints on any material.

UV tiskalnik Durst tisk na iverne plošče


  • environmentally friendly EKO UV Greenguard certified inks,
  • low power consumption for operation and drying with LED UV light,
  • printing on media in plates and in rolls (hybrid technology),
  • the print is immediately dry and ready for further processing-use,
  • with the help of white inks, we can create special effects (overprint, underprint),
  • an industrial class printer provides a price that is extremely favorable considering the quality,
  • laminating and bonding is not necessary (as we print directly on any material),
  • we are committed to producing the best products,
  • automated finishing and contour trimming of materials in the process of finishing.


We use only quality, certified materials of recognized manufacturers.

Materials in plates

We print on materials in plates where plate is up to 45 mm thick. Plate materials of standard sizes up to (3000 x 1500 mm):

  • cardboard, corrugated cardboard,
  • re-board, x-board,
  • komatex, forex, pripak,
  • foam boards,
  • biplex, lexan,
  • polycarbonate, polypropylene, polyethylene,
  • plexiglass,
  • aluminum, dibond, anodised aluminum,
  • colored metals,
  • wood, refined chipboard, chipboard, veneer, mediapan,
  • cork, leather, etc.

Materials in rolls

We print on materials in rolls of width up to 1600 mm, length is not limited:

  • paper (all),
  • PVC foils (all),
  • canvas,
  • dynajet,
  • backlit, frontlit, clear film,
  • wallpaper (paper, self-adhesive, etc.).