Outdoor advertising

Weather-proof XXL-sized graphics.


Advertising boards and promotional signs

An effective visual communication is only possible with well-exposed and visible visual messages. Advertising and directing boards, as well as promotional signs are exactly that – efficient.

Flags and poles

Flags have always been a symbol of pride, initially over the territory and later also over one’s property. Today this pride has spread also to our knowledge – we proudly present our company, society, institution, etc.


Graphics for vehicles

Company cars and delivery vans have a big promotional potential. Equipped with the appropriate graphic design can serve as an excellent advertisement on the road.

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3D promotional signs

3D promotional signs for a touch of exclusivity and prestige. A wide range of materials and different completion methods enable custom-made 3D signs and cutting.

XXL graphics and banners

Due to weather-proof technologies, materials and printing we offer practically unlimited possibilities of printing graphic-visual promotional products.


Creative custom solutions

We are always on the lookout for new ideas. Our creative solutions are the driving force of development and at the same time a guarantee for helping our clients to achieve their goals.


Successfully completed projects

  • Garden decor panels - Hotel Tabor
  • Graphic equipment for Chocolate Village - Quadro
  • 100th Anniversary Products - SNG Maribor

More projects

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