Printing on fabrics

The use of custom-printed textiles in different fields has increased exceptionally.
It offers numerous advantages and is virtually without limitations.


  • Sublimation printing in photo quality

  • Long-lasting and vibrant colours

  • Washable graphics

  • Low weight and easy transport

  • Fast-drying and antibacterial materials

  • Various finishing possibilities

Fields of application

  • Scenic backgrounds

  • Art exhibitions

  • Printing of sports and promotional clothing

  • Special industrial printing

  • Custom creative solutions

  • Flags

Scenic backgrounds

We print graphics for scenic backgrounds for performances, congresses, ceremonies or for interior decoration.

We prepare your graphics/motifs at wanted size and print them on textiles, plates or self-adhesive foil, according to your needs and requirements.


Printing of sports and promotional clothing

Sports, leisure, promotions, events, …
comTEC’s promotional and sports shirts are made of high-quality materials and are complete or custom printed in photo quality.


We can print photos, logos or custom graphics. The print is durable and the colours are vibrant and washable.


Textile banners

Banners are the most common promotional and advertising products and a regular feature on all outdoor, sports and culture events.


Textile allows, because of its low weight in comparison to canvas, the production of banners of bigger size, also in photo quality.


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Flags have always been a symbol of pride, initially over the territory and later also over one’s property. Today this pride has spread also to our knowledge – we proudly present our company, society, institution, etc.


Photo enlargements on textile

Photo enlargement can be custom image, photo, drawing or graphics printed in photo quality.
The most common photo enlargements are in a form of wall pictures (printed on canvas, stretched over wooden frame), but comTEC offers also photo enlargements on textile.
It can be hanging, stretched over wooden frame or completely custom-made according to the form of usage and fastening.

Textile advertising walls

Simple and easy to carry around solutions for mobile textile advertising walls, used on presentations, fairs, press conferences.


Creative custom solutions

We are always on the lookout for new ideas. Our creative solutions are the driving force of development and at the same time a guarantee for helping our clients to achieve their goals.

Successfully completed projects

  • Advertising and state flags - Kolpa
    Advertising and state flags - Kolpa
  • Printing of advertising flags - Travel Agency Sonček
    Printing of advertising flags - Travel Agency Sonček
  • Graphics for the lectern, Textile banner, festive Rotary Club flags
    Graphic equipment for celebration event Rotary

More projects

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