Sales promotion

Products for promotions, fairs and stores.

In the flood of many marketing approaches, recognisability is crucial. With indirect visual and multimedia addressing of customers you will turn many of them into buyers. This will increase your recognisability, visibility and reposition you.


Graphic equipment of store shelves

How to equip your sales shelves and make them intriguing for random customers to become buyers?


Our creative solutions, ideas and innovativeness help you increase your sales and added value. Together we will find an optimal technical and visual solution. This will contribute to the exposure and visibility of products on the shelves and will place them higher in the purchasing process of customers.

  • Multimedia solutions

    The possibility of integrating interactive multimedia elements.

  • Sound and picture

    With sound effects and videos we attract the attention of passers-by.

  • LED illumination

    For more attractive visual effect we use light effects with the LED technology.

  • Other

    The possibility of numerous adjustments according to the wishes and needs of the client.

Custom promotional solutions

To realise the most demanding ideas we offer not only a set of standard products, but also completely adjusted and customized promotional solutions.


Broad knowledge, together with years of experience, allows us to be professionals for support and comprehensive service on your way to success.

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Sales stands

The purpose and main goal of the sales stand is to sell products. To achieve this goal it has to:

  • Arouse interest

    With its shape and design, positioned at the most frequent point in the store, it attracts the interest of the passers-by.

  • Introduce the product

    Clearly and perfectly present the products that it exposes.

  • Convince the buyer

    Convince the potential buyer to take the product into his hands.

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Promotional stands

For services or products, that are not available, the promotional stand is the most appropriate solution.

By integrating additional elements, such as flyer pockets or LCD displays, it can provide additional information to the customer or direct him to the point of sales.

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Eternal Classics

For fast marketing campaigns we offer a set of standard promotional products.

Roll-up banners

Roll-ups, Banner stands and X-stands. Efficient and easily portable.

Advertising walls

A simple solution for presentations, fairs, press conferences.

Promotional counters

Convenient folding promotional counters for presentations on the go.

Successfully completed projects

  • Advertising sticker for elevators – Hervis
  • Eco sales stand – Frupi
  • Graphic equipment for shops - Košaki

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