We offer CNC cutting, cutting out, V-cutting, milling as well as automated digital finishing of flexible and hard materials.

Numerous advanced features, exceptional speed and high quality of the final product These are the main advantages that are supported by the visual surveillance system via camera. It ensures the proper position of the material, surgical accuracy and high productivity with minimal intervention.

Machining and cutting of flexible and hard materials

Surgical accuracy and repeatability

Milling, Engraving, Cutting, V-Cutting …

Flexible and hard materials, in rolls or boards, up to a thickness of 5 cm, can be processed:
Flexible materials
  • foil
  • canvas
  • leather
  • fabric
Hard materials
  • aluminium
  • dibond
  • acrylic glass
  • komatex
Sheet materials
Materials in roll
  • paper
  • foil
  • canvas
  • fabric
Materials in boards
  • cardboard
  • paperboard
  • x-B hollow panels
  • fabric
…and many others.

Roll / board MAX width MAX length MAX thickness
Material in roll 1700 mm unlimited 50 mm
Material in board 1700 mm 3200 mm 50 mm