Laser cutting and engraving enables the production products where minimal movements could destroy the product. Laser light beam eliminates the influence of the movement force on the work piece. In comparison to conventional CNC routing and cutting of some materials with a laser is faster. Additionally, many machining stages are also eliminated after the cutting

Through the engraving process, we offer permanent marking of products or individual parts of products during or at the end of the production process. Such marking is required in industry, e.g. due to traceability of products, regulations, records, logistics, protection, advertising, aesthetics, customer information, etc.

The following materials can be cut and processed, among others:

  • Acrylic glass (plexiglass) – PMMA
  • Vivak
  • ABS sheets and plastics
  • WOOD – plywood
  • EVVA foam
  • cardboard Kraft
  • felt
  • leather

The production area is :
-1600 x 1000 mm,
-material thickness up to 10mm.

Suitable for smaller products

Excellent accuracy and efficiency

Several post-processing steps are omitted after cutting