CUSTOMER'S challenge:
Renew or redesign the facade graphic that indicates the company's activity from a distance and appeals to viewers through its visual appeal.

We agreed with our client on a new facade graphic on PVC banner, which we mounted in the client's existing frame.
a stable and secure backdrop for building facades;
the possibility of adjusting the width and height, depending on the space available;
a visually appealing and eye-catching solution.


Services and materials

Permanent printing on roll materials
Digital print of graphics with outdoor colours provides intensive graphics that remain durable for several years and are particularly suitable…...
CNC digital cutting and finishing
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comTEC – assembly
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Canvas PVC
100% polyester canvas, available in gloss or matt finish. The banners are calendered banners that guarantee stability and high performance.…...


Marking of the Production Facility
Window stickers
Container graphics – VG5