The products we offer can have different purposes. You will mostly see LED graphics in shop windows or on shop walls. But, they can also be used as price lists. Of course, there are even more possibilities. It is easiest if you entrust us with your wishes, so that we can find a suitable solution.


Services and materials

Permanent printing on roll materials
Digital print of graphics with outdoor colours provides intensive graphics that remain durable for several years and are particularly suitable…...
Many customized projects with specific functions require much more than just preparing and designing the graphics. We design and prepare…...
comTEC – assembly
Our principle is to ensure, at our own delivery, with quality assembly, that the product is properly mounted and also…...
CNC digital cutting and finishing
We offer CNC cutting, cutting out, V-cutting, milling as well as automated digital finishing of flexible and hard materials. Numerous…...
Polyester Samba
SAMBA: 195g / m2 polyester fabric that doesn’t wrinkle at all. It is a fabric that is airtight and waterproof.…...


Guidance banners – Eurosar
Contactless book lending – UKM
Effective guidance – Lumar
A special board for a special occasion