The stand is made of recyclable materials and is printed with ecological inks. It can also be used as a tablet stand.


Services and materials

Many customized projects with specific functions require much more than just preparing and designing the graphics. We design and prepare…...
Project conceptual solutions and graphic design
With more than 25 years of experience in the field of graphics, digital printing, visual communication and advertising, we are…...
UV print on panel or roll materials
With our UV printing technology, we print with high productivity in permanent, exceptional photo quality (CMYK color environment and white…...
CNC digital cutting and finishing
We offer CNC cutting, cutting out, V-cutting, milling as well as automated digital finishing of flexible and hard materials. Numerous…...
The ACCA FOAM composite panels are composed of an inner core of extruded polystyrene Sandwich panel with a PVC surface…...


Sales display – Freudenberg
Promotional counter – Pomurske Mlekarne
Unique sales stands – Kema Puconci
Promotional Stand Green Line for Ford
Table advertising stand