With our technology we can also produce products that are suitable for laboratories. One such product is a test tube rack, which is completely adapted to the wishes and requirements of the client.


Services and materials

Many customized projects with specific functions require much more than just preparing and designing the graphics. We design and prepare…...
CNC digital cutting and finishing
We offer CNC cutting, cutting out, V-cutting, milling as well as automated digital finishing of flexible and hard materials. Numerous…...
Laser cutting and engraving
Laser cutting and engraving enables the production products where minimal movements could destroy the product. Laser light beam eliminates the…...
Acrylic glass
Acrylic glass are polymethyl-methacrylate (PMMA) obtained with pure monomer synthesis Acrylic, organic and rigid material. Suitable for laser cutting and…...


3D inscription made of acrylic glass mirror
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