(Maribor, June 27 – press release) – ComTEC, a company from Maribor, has completed the renovation of the technological process of digital printing and automated finishing of materials. They have, according to their own words, become the first ecological and high-tech company for digital printing and production of visual communications in Slovenia and this part of Europe.

High-tech machinery makes it possible to use environmentally friendly certified ECO Greenguard inks, to reduce electric energy consumption due to the use of UV/LED lighting and the use of extremely firm paper-based materials that can be recycled after use.

A company with its own energy model, which includes the production of electricity and heat from renewable sources with an investment in energy efficiency, acquires four times more energy than it needs for its operation. This reduces greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere for 23 tonnes per year.

“The planned and implemented modernization of technological equipment in the company fully fulfils our targeted business guidelines; by integration of high-tech and automated equipment for large format digital printing and finishing, and also by environmentally sustainable commitment of the company to use ecologically certified inks, energy-efficient equipment and guidelines for the use of environmentally friendly materials that are easy to recycle” said the founder and procurator of comTEC, Peter Kavčič.

The sum of all activities is about to further improve the competitive advantages and products of the company in the wider region and ensure the stability of existing and new vacancies in the company. “We will continue to give priority to integrity – development, quality, ecology and automation,” he added.

Among the latest technological acquisitions is the industrial (hybrid) UV LED printer Durst. For direct printing on a wide variety of materials it uses “Eco, Children’s, Schools and Food Friendly” inks, which are immediately dried by UV/LED lighting onto printed materials and that allows direct further treatment. The print is in photo quality, extremely vivid and with some creativity many effects can be added.

Further processing of materials is fully automated by the cutting machine, the cutter from Zünd manufacturer, which is also used in the production of racing cars by the Formula 1 teams.

It is a multifunctional machine that enables cutting, milling, contours, folding, IZSEKE, NASEKE, marking, punching and perforation, it also sets standards for quality, reliability and flexibility. The maximum accuracy is ensured by camera and the suitable software, with the combination of various tools basically all materials can be processed.

The company, which has been in business for more than 20 years, received numerous awards and certificates for their work. Among them is the Certificate Excellent SME 2014, that is the seal of excellence for small and medium companies, awarded by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia and in 2011 comTEC was pronounced the most energy efficient company of the year.